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If you’ve got a blog or a website where you’d like to promote the Gentlemans (and their Handlings), we’d love to have your help spreading the word. If GMH receives 2 joins directed by your site, we’ll give you a free month of GMH goodness. Enter your email below to receive a unique code to put into the link URLs on your site. Each time someone joins via your link, you’ll receive an email. Two emails and you’ll qualify for a free month’s access. Keep referring and you’ll keep getting free access. If you’re already a member, we’ll add the month to your current account.


If you're an experienced adult webmaster you will find info on our webmaster program here.

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To add a banner to your webpage or blog, use the example code below - replacing "your-squad-code-here" with your squad code (Your squad code looks like this - To use any of the images below instead of the default banner, right click on the one you want and choose "copy image location" and then replace the image link in the code below.