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'contours' :: These films are shot in our studio. Dramatically lit and aesthetically contained, the studio is a blank canvas to which each Gentleman brings his own work, his own self. These are generally the first film made with each contributor.

'interiors' :: Him in his own space. We relish an opportunity to film a Gentleman in his own surrounds, and not just because it gives us a chance to inspect the contents of his fridge when hes not looking. Personal spaces are incredibly intimate, and add a layer of context to our understandings of the people in them.

'reveries' :: This is where we get adventurous and find or create fantastical spaces. This is also where some Gentlemen choose to collaborate with us about aesthetics, thematics, and locations. Expect the more avant-garde of our films to be found in this category, many of which include horizon lines.

'littles' :: Sweet little bits and pieces from our archives which include backstage footage, chats with the Gentlemens, and other beautiful stuff that we cant hold back. Offered in addition to the set number of weekly updates.

'intimates' :: Whether created in lust, in love, or both, these films show a Gentleman and a lover / helper / friend engaged in the pursuit of his pleasure. Where possible we share some of the context of their relationship.

'profiles' :: GMH uses video profiles to introduce our contributors with the aim of getting to know the person who has shared himself so generously with you. The Gentlemen discuss likes and dislikes in pop culture, the places and senses that are dear to them, and reflect a little upon the process of being in a GMH film.