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Well, hello. Welcome to gentlemanhandling.com.

What we�ve made here, really, is a lovely place to watch moving images of male masturbation. GentlemanHandling attempts to strip the image of male sexual pleasure from its less-than-savoury pornographic contexts and situate it in a style of imagemaking that is honest, attentive, and reverent. In our years of experience in the pornosphere, we�ve found that men have just as much to lose as other genders from the dishonesty and superficiality of mass-produced sexual imagery. So we�ve taken up the project of presenting our contributors in a manner that highlights their human-ness, their individual sexual style. Self-pleasure is a deeply personal thing and is often glossed over or neglected in mainstream sexual media. We�re trying to take steps to change that.

In addition to our more virtuous motivations, we also just like to make the images that we want to see. We want to raise the bar on the quality of erotic films available on the web and the way that the people in them are portrayed. We value aesthetics and hold a high technical standard for our work, so what you�ll find here is (mostly!) high-definition, high-resolution footage that has been made with careful attention to composition, colour, light and sound. We want this to be an opportunity for our viewers to delve into a pansensory experience of male sensuality. First and foremost, we are making films; the subject of those films just happens to be sexy. Stylistically, we range from the more contained and dramatic imagery we produce in our studio straight through to some rather adventurous pieces shot in both public and private spaces.

The men who appear here are generous and brave. They�ve agreed to allow us to film them just as they are, which isn�t necessarily easy. Historically, pornography has created a limited role for the male of the species, and these folks are expanding the possibilities and fleshing out our understanding of male sexuality in the visual realm. They construct and represent a diversity of masculinities. They are brilliant to work with and beautiful to witness. Some of them also engage a little more deeply with the experience by involving their lovers in their work or by bringing their own ideas and fantasies to the table. We are most grateful to be collaborating with some wonderfully thoughful, open, and expressive individuals.

No matter what your reason for delving into GMH, we think you�ll be pretty moved by what you find here. It�s a transformative thing to witness other people in moments of bliss, of vulnerability, of total engagement. We hope that we�ve created a space that will be enjoyable to folks of all genders and sexual orientations. For those who regularly seek out images of male self-pleasure, we hope that we can offer something a cut above what you�ve seen before. If you�re a curious voyeur, we hope that the nuance and expressiveness of the male orgasm compels you to stick around awhile. And if you do, please come and say hello - we�d love to hear from you in the forums or on our blog.

About the content

As of May 2013, we have suspended production of new material. The production of quality porn where the contributors are fairly paid has become an unsustainable business model, thanks to the proliferation of 'free' and pirated content on the Web. While some existing sites are able to survive, thanks to a historic database of customers, startups seem almost certain to fail unless they join the race for ever more extreme and degrading porn. We are very disappointed we can't continue this Project and take this opportunity to thank all those who have participated so far.

We're offering a Discounted membership to view all the archived content. Hopefully one day we'll start producing new videos again.

'contours' :: These films are shot in our studio. Dramatically lit and aesthetically contained, the studio is a blank canvas to which each Gentleman brings his own work, his own self. These are generally the first film made with each contributor.

'interiors' :: Him in his own space. We relish an opportunity to film a Gentleman in his own surrounds, and not just because it gives us a chance to inspect the contents of his fridge when he�s not looking. Personal spaces are incredibly intimate, and add a layer of context to our understandings of the people in them.

'reveries' :: This is where we get adventurous and find or create fantastical spaces. This is also where some Gentlemen choose to collaborate with us about aesthetics, thematics, and locations. Expect the more avant-garde of our films to be found in this category, many of which include horizon lines.

'littles' :: Sweet little bits and pieces from our archives which include backstage footage, chats with the Gentlemens, and other beautiful stuff that we can�t hold back. Offered in addition to the set number of weekly updates.

'intimates' :: Whether created in lust, in love, or both, these films show a Gentleman and a lover / helper / friend engaged in the pursuit of his pleasure. Where possible we share some of the context of their relationship.

'profiles' :: GMH uses video profiles to introduce our contributors with the aim of getting to know the person who has shared himself so generously with you. The Gentlemen discuss likes and dislikes in pop culture, the places and senses that are dear to them, and reflect a little upon the process of being in a GMH film.

We are grateful to the folks of beautifulagony.com for providing a fantastic introduction to exposed eroticism for many of our contributors. Others come to us from out there in the aether, often in response to messages-in-bottles or the prompting of their friends. However they make it here, we do our best to make the process gentle, conscious, and caring.

For those who enjoy a bit of gear babble, GMH shoots primarily with Sony EX1 and Canon 5D model cameras. Back in the day, our early content was created with Sony PD170s (yeah, really!) and Sony V1s.

Audio engineering and editing skillfully provided by Richard Lawrence of Feck.

About the makers

GMH is a collaboration between Sensate Films and Feck.

Sensate Films is the lovechild of one Aven Frey and one Gala Vanting, two ladies with diverse backgrounds in the arts who fashion people and pixels into fabulous erotic expressions. Their focus is on process-based collaborations between producer and contributor. This is their first project for commercial distribution. To be kept in the loop on their various doings, click here.

Feck has been producing erotic web sites for over 10 years, bringing fair trade principles together with a back-to-basics approach to erotica to provide a more rewarding experience for both contributors and subscribers. By replacing the hype and clich�s of modern porn with an emphasis on nuance, difference and personality, Feck creates imagery which is both deeply erotic and socially responsible. Most collaborators on the GentlemanHandling project have been involved in various Feck websites including ifeelmyself.com, ishotmyself.com; and sonicerotica.com, the web's only erotic site produced specifically for the vision impaired. Feck also introduced Feckshare, the industry's only comprehensive royalty system for adult performers, under which all contributors receive bonuses each time any of their content is accessed.

Gala Vanting

Gala is a career erotic enthusiast who practices a diverse range of smutty trades, which you can familiarise yourself with here. She creates sexy imagery by the following maxims: Integrity is Sexy, & If It Doesn�t Feel Good, Don�t Do It. She is the Production / Wrangler element of Sensate Films, and Headmistress of making sure there are always roasted biodynamic almonds on set. She enjoys bicycles, fermentation, and well-worn brown leather.

Aven Frey

Aven likes to make things. Things that are pretty. Her favourite colour is musty green and her second favourite colour is misty yellow. She creates sexy imagery by the following maxims: Colour is Sexy, and if It Doesn't Look Good, Don't Do It. She is the Production / Post-production Footage Wrangler element of Sensate Films. She enjoys netball, mysteries and roasted biodynamic almonds.

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