A few good names.

Sometimes when we ask the gentlemen to give themselves names this kind of irreverent hilarity happens. If you are curious about Holly Wood and or like the ladies, you should check out GMH’s sister site, www.ifeelmyself.com   x  

Gentlemanly musings

gen·tle·man·ly adjective /ˈjentlmənlē/ (of a man) Befitting a gentleman; chivalrous, courteous, or honorable – a paragon of gentlemanly conduct The Gentleman is always truthful and sincere; will not agree for the sake of complaisance or out of weakness ; will not … Continue reading

Prostate cancer is serious business.

Every year, around 18,700 Australian men are diagnosed and more than 3,000 die of the disease, making prostate cancer the second largest cause of male cancer deaths, after lung cancer. Almost one man in eleven will develop prostate cancer during his lifetime. … Continue reading

Last week was a good week.

We often produce GMH’s content in short, spasmodic bursts, just to keep ourselves in tune with the subject matter, yanno.  It’s like matching your theory with your praxis.  Very important when you’re making art, and other stuff. Last week gifted … Continue reading

Hyperballad’s Tangenitals.

I present, Clint Eastwood dog.  I also present Hyperballad’s Tangenitals.  My Tangenital posts will be about funny things, about sexy things and about Important things in the world of sex, sexuality and masturbation.  And cocks.  Mustaches too.  All the good … Continue reading